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How to Tell When It's Time for Chimney Sweeping November 7, 2019

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How to Tell When It's Time for Chimney Sweeping, Kernersville, North Carolina

When temperatures drop as winter weather sets in, you’ll rely on your home’s fireplace to keep your home comfortable. You should take care of your chimney to ensure the safety and proper function of your hearth. The following guide will help you know when to make an appointment with a professional chimney sweeping team.

4 Signs You Need Chimney Sweeping

1. Unpleasant Odors 

When you use your fireplace, you shouldn’t smell more than a subtle hint of the wood’s natural aroma. If you detect smoky or burning odors, your chimney’s shaft may have a blockage, preventing the proper updraft. Hire a professional to perform repairs and improve the quality of your indoor air. 

2. Creosote Buildups 

chimney sweepingOver time, the interior of your chimney will collect black soot, also known as creosote. When creosote buildup becomes significant, it may burn and cause a house fire. Prevent the risk of a blaze by having a chimney sweeping company clean out creosote in advance of the winter season. 

3. Short Fire Life

If you struggle to light fires or they burn out quickly, your fireplace likely isn’t receiving enough oxygen. This typically indicates a problem with the chimney shaft, which can lead to further air quality issues. Schedule a professional inspection to diagnose the issue and repair it so that your fires will burn longer and safer.

4. Excessive Smoke 

While using your fireplace, the smoke should move smoothly up and out of the chimney shaft. If it backs up into your home, your chimney is likely clogged and needs to be cleaned out so that smoke can successful move through the system.

The next time you require professional chimney sweeping, get in touch with The Chimney Sweep. Since 1980, they have provided chimney cleaning, inspections, maintenance, and repairs to clients throughout Kernersville, NC. Call (336) 993-8999 to report a chimney problem and make a service appointment. Visit them online to learn more about their fireplace repairs and other services. 

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