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5 Myths About CrossFit November 6, 2019

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5 Myths About CrossFit, Elk River, Minnesota

CrossFit® was founded in 2000 by Greg Glassman, a gymnast and celebrity fitness trainer. It is a branded company that follows the principles of cross-training, which incorporates both aerobics and strength training for a well-rounded workout. Now, there are 13,000 gyms worldwide and annual summer competitions. The below guide dispels a few myths surrounding CrossFit to help you decide if it is right for you.

Common Misconceptions About CrossFit Gyms

1. Training Is Dangerous 

A recent study examined the injury rates of CrossFit athletes and determined that they were comparable to or lower than some common forms of exercise or strength training. As with any sport or training program, there is always a risk of injury. The best way to avoid harm is to listen to the advice of the coach and learn your healthy limits.

2. Only for Athletes

There is no minimum experience required to join a gym. Every workout is scalable so that you can complete the requirements without strain or injury. As you attend, you work towards achieving the exercise at full proficiency, which is highly rewarding.

3. Consumes Free Time

CrossFitYou control your level of investment in the program. Many gyms offer tiered membership, with different payment plans based on how often you train. There is no obligation to attend, although many participants enjoy the group setting and look forward to training multiple times a week. 

4. No Variation in Gyms

CrossFit gyms are independently owned and operated. They pay a fee to the company headquarters to use the company name. Coaches undergo certification through the corporation—but that’s it. Each owner can customize the equipment and daily routines to their personal preferences.

5. High Price

Compared to a traditional gym with a flat monthly membership and freestanding workout equipment, CrossFit pricing can seem expensive. However, the price is competitive with other similar boot-camp-style workouts and there are the additional benefits of qualified coaching and an empowering community. You get access to classes, freestanding gym equipment, and onboarding that includes private instruction and assessment.


If you’re interested, visit CrossFit Elk River in Elk River, MN, for all your questions. Their fully equipped gym provides a variety of program options for every fitness level. New members participate in a three-class course that teaches you the fundamentals, so you can perform and reduce the risk of injury. Learn more about their program online, or call (763) 777-9032 to schedule your free introductory session.