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5 Common Boiler Problems & How to Solve Them November 15, 2019

Yorktown Heights, Westchester
5 Common Boiler Problems & How to Solve Them, Yorktown Heights, New York

Boilers warm a home by heating hot water, which is transported through water pipes and distributed to the house through baseboards or radiators. Because these intricate heating systems have so many components, a number of issues can develop. Below are some of the most common reasons homeowners call for boiler repair, along with the solutions for each issue. 

What Are Common Boiler Issues? 

1. Cold Radiators

If the radiators won’t heat, but you still have hot water, you may have air trapped in the system. A boiler repair professional can bleed the radiators to remove trapped air or perform a power flush to loosen any built-up debris. If you don’t have any heat or hot water, a component such as a valve, diaphragm, or airlock could be compromised. This can be remedied with a repair or replacement.

2. Boiler Shutting Down

A frozen condensate pipe can cause a boiler to shut off. You can thaw a frozen condensate pipe by pouring hot water along the pipe or by using a heat pack. Then, follow your user’s manual to reset your boiler. If that doesn’t work, you may need to call a professional to address low water pressure or air in your system.

3. Pilot Light Turning Off

The pilot light is kept ablaze to light a larger burner. If it continues to go out, it could be the result of a broken thermocouple or damaged seals. While these components can be replaced, doing so is best left to a boiler repair professional, as these tasks are dangerous without the proper tools and experience.

4. Thermostat Problems

boiler repairIf it feels colder or warmer inside your house than what your thermostat says, it’s possible your home could just be warmer than you think. A thermostat won’t allow the boiler to heat to a temperature higher than what it has been set at, so try to increase the temperature very gradually to see if you notice a difference. If not, you could be due for a new thermostat, since the devices do malfunction over time.

5. Leaks or Drips

Leaks can occur from many points of your boiler or surrounding pipework. If water appears to be dripping from the pressure valve, you may need a new valve to maintain optimal pressure. Leaks can also happen at the pump seal, which indicates a need for a replacement.


No matter what’s causing your boiler issue, the team from Sunshine Air Conditioning and Heating in Yorktown Heights, NY, can get your system back up and running promptly. Serving Peekskill and Cortland, this heating company specializes in a broad range of HVAC services, including boiler repairs, heating system installations, and general maintenance. Browse through their services online or call (914) 245-2050 to speak with a team member.

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