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4 Benefits of Running on a Treadmill November 4, 2019

Arnold, Jefferson
4 Benefits of Running on a Treadmill, Arnold, Missouri

Many people want to run but aren’t sure whether to try a treadmill or lace up their shoes and head outside. While there are benefits to both options, here are four advantages of running inside on gym equipment.

Why You Should Use a Treadmill

1. Timing

Running outdoors requires time and planning, especially if you want to cover a lot of distance. With a treadmill, you can run exactly as far as you want without worrying if you have enough time or energy to get back home or to a trailhead parking lot. Many parents like using this equipment because they can stay close to home while still getting in a long run.

2. Statistics

When running on a machine, you know exactly how far you’ve gone and at what pace. You don’t have to purchase a fitness tracker or break out a map to understand the route and ascertain whether you’ve achieved your goals.

treadmill3. Pacing

Many people struggle to reach a steady pace when running outside. With a treadmill, you can set the pace based on speed and incline, encouraging your body to stick with an even cadence. Pacing is beneficial for endurance runs and can help runners maintain mental fortitude during races and outings. Many runners train with this gym equipment and then take their new pacing skills outside so they can practice a running rhythm in both situations.

4. Weather

It’s not always fun to run outside. Weather can be a significant factor in your experience, and adverse conditions may force you to stay inside. Don’t skip a workout because you’re not happy with the weather. Instead, hop on the treadmill where you can control all the elements. Turn on the air conditioner to keep cool or use a light fan to stay warm and break a healthy sweat.


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