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4 FAQ About Gravel Roads & Driveways October 30, 2019

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4 FAQ About Gravel Roads & Driveways, Newark, New York

If you’re upgrading your private road or installing a new driveway, gravel is an excellent paving option that provides a wide range of benefits. However, there are important cost and maintenance considerations to weigh before deciding whether gravel paving is right for you. To help you make the right choice, below are answers to some common questions about gravel roads.

Answers to Questions About Gravel Roads

How does the cost of gravel compare to other materials?

Of all the common paving options, gravel has the lowest up-front material cost and requires the least labor. On the other hand, this material does require more ongoing maintenance, which slightly increases the overall cost. However, it boosts curb appeal and allows you to choose from different colors. 

How long does installing a gravel driveway take?

gravelUnlike many other materials, which can take up to a week or even more to complete, gravel can usually be installed in one or two days. The surface also doesn’t have to cure or settle before use, which reduces the inconvenience of replacing your driveway.

What are the benefits of this material?

Its relatively low cost makes it the ideal choice for long driveways and private roads, which would be prohibitively expensive to pave with concrete. Maintaining the material is also significantly easier, since the surface doesn’t have to be removed before adding new pieces.

How long does a gravel driveway last?

This material does have to be regraded every year, especially if your local climate is especially cold or rainy. However, as long as you regularly add new material and ensure proper drainage, a driveway with this material can last 100 years or even more.


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