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What to Know About Mobile Kitchen Islands November 11, 2019

West Hamilton, Hamilton
What to Know About Mobile Kitchen Islands, Hamilton, Ohio

An island is a useful addition to your kitchen, whether for extra storage, workspace, seating, or all three. To add versatility, consider installing wheels underneath so you can tuck it out of the way anytime. Apart from building materials, below are a few more things you'll need when constructing a mobile kitchen island.

Mobile Island Design Trends

Before building a rolling kitchen island, understand its primary purpose. Do you need it principally for additional working space or extra storage? Does it need to serve double duty, functioning as a dining table for casual meals in addition to meal preparation? If yes, then opt for an island with a large surface area and a folding leaf to save space when not in use.

building materialsHowever, you don’t have to go big if you have a cramped kitchen. A roll-away kitchen cart, which is handy for serving food and drinks to guests, doubles as storage space. A custom-built cart may have only a single open shelf and drawer. View designs online to find a cart that best suits your kitchen.

What You’ll Need

For your project, you’ll need a design plan, building materials, and tools, such as butcher blocks, boards, plywoods, nails, nuts, screws, and casters. Review the plan’s cut list, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions before assembling required items.

Most kitchen island projects require a drill, circular saw, mallet, and a pocket hole jig to form joints.

How to Build It

Although instructions and diagrams will vary depending on the design of your island, a few building steps are similar regardless of design.

Start with a well-built and sturdy skeleton. Once you’re finished with the skeleton, add shelves and drawers. Attach the top and the wheels, or casters, last. 

Now it’s time to sand, paint, or stain. Paint it with vibrant colors if your island will be your kitchen’s focal point. To achieve a natural or rustic look, sand and stain it to bring out the grain of the wood.


When you need premium-quality building materials for a mobile kitchen island, look no further than Butler County Lumber Company. Located in Hamilton, OH, they carry a wide array of building supplies and construction materials, including custom millwork and lumber. Call (513) 896-6660 to check for availability, or visit their website to learn more about lumber supplies.

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