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What to Know About Permits When It Comes to Building Renovations December 2, 2019

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What to Know About Permits When It Comes to Building Renovations, Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether you’re planning a construction project or building renovation, get permission for your actions first, instead of paying the price later on. Luckily, you can get official authorization in the form of a permit. If you’ve been hoping this step is something you can ignore, consider the following guide.

What You Should Know About Building Permits

Why Are They Important?

Whether you are adding a room to your home or repairing your condo or office building, you’ll probably need to obtain a permit from your local building department. This document will help assure that your proposed project is safe and that it complies with all the zoning and building codes upheld by your city and/or county. If you don’t get a permit and move forward with the work, you may be barred from continuing or forced to tear down the construction.

What Kind of Projects Need a Permit?

building renovationWhile you may not need a permit to repaint the walls in your house, you’ll need one to lay the foundation for a new building, or for plumbing and/or electrical work.  However, determining permit requirements for projects between these extremes can be tricky. For example, many property owners may not know that they need a permit to replace their roof, demolish a section of their house, or change the function of a room, such as turning a garage into a bedroom. Always check with your city’s permitting office before starting a building renovation.

Who Arranges for the Permit?

Whoever arranges or pulls the permit is in charge of making sure that the project’s construction follows local codes. While you can do it yourself, you should leave this responsibility to an experienced contractor. This professional may also have a relationship with the city or county due to past renovations, and a strong rapport may increase your project’s chances of approval.


If you need help acquiring a permit for a building renovation or construction project, turn to the team at Construction Management Inspection, LLC, of Oahu, HI. Led by Lance Luke, a respected industry expert with 38 years of experience, this company will help you complete any residential or commercial project. Learn more about their construction process online, or call (808) 422-2132 to schedule a consultation.

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