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3 Ways to Handle the Emotional Toll of Bankrupcty November 1, 2019

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3 Ways to Handle the Emotional Toll of Bankrupcty, Charlotte, North Carolina

No one ever plans to go through the bankruptcy process. It's a stressful time that can leave you feeling defeated. However, this is an opportunity for a fresh start, so it's important to stay positive and get going on the right foot. Follow these steps to combat negative thoughts and begin your new financial journey on a positive note.

How to Stay Positive During a Bankruptcy

1. Look to the Future

Bankruptcy is a learning experience and a chance to start fresh, free from the financial burden you've carried. Imagine the relief you'll feel when your debts are discharged, and you no longer have to fear answering the phone or checking the mailbox. If you change the way you see bankruptcy, you can change your emotions about the matter, and you may even feel excited about your new prospects.

2. Practice Extinguishing Negative Thoughts

bankruptcyAt times of high stress, like during the bankruptcy process, it's not uncommon for negative thoughts to bubble up. It can be challenging to quiet a negative voice in your head, but it's possible to do so with practice. Know that pessimistic thoughts may rise to the surface and practice becoming aware of their appearance. Then, try to actively free them from your mind by focusing on the positive aspects of bankruptcy.

3. Talk to a Professional

It can be challenging to deal with the emotional toll of debt, bankruptcy, and court proceedings. If you're having a hard time managing your emotions, consider seeking help from professionals. A therapist can provide tools that'll lessen your emotional burden, and an attorney will help you prepare documents and get ready for your court appearance.


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