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5 Common Recycled Car Parts November 1, 2019

San Marcos, San Marcos, TX
5 Common Recycled Car Parts, San Marcos, Texas

If you’ve had to replace broken parts on your car or have to scrap the entire vehicle, you may be wondering what to do with the old pieces. The good news is that you can reduce your impact on the environment and, potentially, get a bit of cash for your unwanted auto parts through car recycling. Learn which car parts are most commonly recycled to help you decide what to do with your pieces.

Which Car Parts Are Commonly Recycled?

1. Tires

Tires take up a lot of space in landfills and are not degradable, which means that they are perfect for car recycling. If they’re still in good condition and have some tread left over, they can even be re-used on other vehicles or used for new tires. If they are unable to be used again, they can transform into asphalt, rubberized turf, or even fuel.

2. Batteries and Electrical Components

car recyclingAcid and other corrosive substances in car batteries can leak into the environment when thrown in landfills and need to go to a recycling center. Many car batteries are still usable and can go in another car. If not, they will be broken down into their components and refashioned into new auto batteries. Used battery acid can also change into a safe substance that’s used to make glass, textiles, and detergent.

3. Oil and Oil Filters

When put into a landfill, used motor oil can contaminate its surroundings. Car oil should always be recycled because it’s never wholly used. It’s only dirty so it can be cleaned and reused as new oil. Because oil filters are steel, they can be drained, cleaned, and used for various steel manufacturing projects.

4. Auto Glass

Broken automotive glass is a versatile substance that can become tiles, glass bottles, fiberglass insulation, concrete blocks, and more. A car recycling center can either try to reuse the auto glass as it is in another car or send it off for manufacturing other goods.

5. Scrap Metal

After any valuable parts have been taken from a scrap car during the recycling process, the remainder will be crushed down into a metal cube for scrap metal. As one of the easiest materials to recycle, it will be melted down and used to make other metal objects.


To keep your old car parts from entering a landfill, contact Roadrunner Recycling in San Marcos, TX. This car recycling center provides customers with fair prices for their junk cars, parts, and scrap metal. Each piece is processed and repurposed in an ecologically responsible way, so you don’t have to worry about making a negative impact on the environment. Learn more about their process online or call (512) 353-4511 today.

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