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What Kind of Safe Should I Purchase for My Business? November 8, 2019

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What Kind of Safe Should I Purchase for My Business?, Fairfield, Ohio

Every business needs at least one safe on the premises. Even if you don't handle much—or any—cash, a safe protects valuables and sensitive documents from fire and theft. What kinds of features do you need, and how can you narrow down the options? If you’re unsure how to get started, consider these three popular commercial safe types to make a purchase decision.

3 Common Types of Commercial Safes 

1. Media Safes

Media safes are designed to protect contents from incredibly high temperatures. Paper will survive in temperatures up to 350 degrees if it’s in a fireproof safe, but digital devices, hard drives, and computer components can’t withstand more than 125 degrees of heat. Media safes have insulation to keep their interiors from reaching temperatures that damage digital property.

2. Drop Safes

safeDrop safes are incredibly valuable if your business handles a lot of cash. Employees can slip cash through a thin slot at the top of a drop safe without opening it. You can remove cash later with a key.

Although drop safes also provide temporary storage for valuables, a  traditional safe is a better option if you need to store jewelry, passports, or firearms permanently on the premises. 

3. Bank Vaults 

Bank vaults are essentially armored rooms. They’re ideal for storing artwork and electronics. They can also be used to stash cash, which is what banks use vaults for. Because they take up a considerable amount of space, though, they may not be suitable for all businesses. 


To install a safe or advanced security system at your business, turn to Central Safe & Lock LLC in Fairfield, OH. Founded in 2003 and backed by more than two decades of experience, they’re proud to serve the residents and business owners of northern Cincinnati and southern Dayton. Their reliable technicians strive to exceed client expectations on every job. To learn more about their commercial services, visit their website, or call (513) 884-1870 to speak with the staff.

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