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3 Care Tips After Windshield Replacement October 31, 2019

Middletown, Orange
3 Care Tips After Windshield Replacement, Middletown, New York

If your windshield has extensive damage, replacing it may be the best option to make your car safe again. During windshield replacement, technicians glue your new panel in place, but this adhesive takes up to 48 hours to dry completely. To ensure your new glass is protected, here are a few tips to keep in mind in the two days following service.

How Can I Protect My New Windshield?

1. Help It Dry

Your windshield adhesive will take between one to 48 hours to dry completely. You can help speed up this process by leaving the windows cracked open as often as possible so air can circulate.

Try not to wash your car during this time, since humidity could interfere with drying. If you must, do so by hand to avoid getting water under the tape.

2. Avoid Pressure

Windshield ReplacementPushing or jolting the windshield while the glue is still setting can weaken its hold. In addition to avoiding automatic car washes and pressure washing, don't do anything that will rattle or bump the car's frame. This includes slamming the doors hard and driving on bumpy roads.

Avoid leaving your car parked in the sun. Doing so could increase the air pressure inside the cabin, pushing the windshield outward. If you park in sunny spots, prevent this by keeping your windows slightly open.

3. Keep the Area Clear

Aside from holding the glass in place as the glue dries, the tape on your windshield protects the adhesive from debris that could get stuck to it. However, the tape might peel away before the glue is set.

To ensure particles don’t attach to the adhesive after windshield replacement, don't store belongings on top of the dashboard and gently dust away leaves and debris from the exterior surface.


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