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Top 3 Creative Uses for a Sunroom October 31, 2019

Iron Triangle, East Yolo
Top 3 Creative Uses for a Sunroom, East Yolo, California

If your home needs more space, a sunroom installation is often a cost-effective solution. You get more living area inside the house, but all of the large windows will bring plenty of sunlight into the area. This type of room is also very versatile. If you’re on the fence about creating one, here are a few ways you could use yours if you decide to take the leap.

3 Popular Ways to Use a Sunroom

1. Indoor Sunbathing

Northern California can become chilly, especially in the winter. A sunroom installation lets you bask in the warm rays without ever leaving the warmth of the house. You can keep your tan all year long and stay comfortably indoors during the cooler weather. This is also ideal if you're concerned about privacy while sunbathing. Just layer on the sunscreen, since the UV-A rays that cause tanning penetrate glass.

2. Gardening

A sunroom makes an ideal greenhouse. You can grow flowers that are sensitive to cooler temperatures, including hibiscus and peace lilies.

Sunroom installationYou could also grow herbs, which may save you trips to the grocery store. Does the recipe call for chives, sweet basil, cilantro, or mint? Just grab some scissors and trim off a few leaves.

3. Home Gym

Place a few pieces of gym equipment in your sunroom and exercise from the comfort of your home. You can jog on a treadmill or lift weights under the sun, saving money on costly memberships.

Moderate sun exposure also helps your body synthesize Vitamin D, which strengthens the bones, improves mood, helps you sleep, and boosts the immune system.


If you're considering a sunroom installation, contact Patio Designers. They are family-owned and -operated and have been serving clients throughout Northern California since 2005. They create sunrooms and decks to help you enjoy the outdoors while at home. View some of their sunroom projects on their website or call (877) 757-2846 to discuss your new space.

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