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3 Safety Tips For Using a Generator This Fall & Winter October 30, 2019

Palmyra, Wayne
3 Safety Tips For Using a Generator This Fall & Winter, Palmyra, New York

In the aftermath of a power outage or severe winter storm, a gasoline-powered portable generator can help you run crucial household electrical systems, including your HVAC appliances. However, homeowners must follow key safety practices to ensure that using a gasoline-powered generator doesn’t put their family at risk. Here are a few things to be mindful of.

Staying Safe While Using Portable Generators

1. Make Sure There’s Enough Ventilation

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious risk if a portable generator is used improperly. To ensure proper ventilation, only use a generator outdoors with at least three feet of open space around it. Generators should be kept away from doors and windows to keep carbon monoxide from building up inside the house.

2. Be Safe While Plugging In

gasolinePlugging items into a portable generator could put you at risk of shock if you’re not careful. Your home should have a transfer switch installed before you connect a generator to your home’s electrical system. Plug appliances into the generator directly when possible. Only use extension cords with built-in GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) protection and three-pronged ends. Doing so will reduce the risk of shock.

3. Store Fuel Properly

You don’t want to run out of fuel while you still need your generator. Make sure you have plenty of fuel available in case you’re without power for several days or more. Extra gasoline or other fuel options should be kept in a ventilated area away from devices that generate heat or flames. Turn off the generator and let it cool down before refueling.



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