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4 Tips For Cleaning Your Pet’s Ears, From the Experts at Montgomery Animal Hospital September 25, 2015

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4 Tips For Cleaning Your Pet’s Ears, From the Experts at Montgomery Animal Hospital, Sycamore, Ohio

If you’re a pet owner in the Cincinnati, OH area, you're lucky to live near Montgomery Animal Hospital, a leader in veterinary care and pet dental services for the past 65 years. The team at this veterinary hospital are happy to help with any of your pet needs, big and small. They also know that so much of your pet’s health is in your hands. Everyday things like diet, exercise, and hygiene have a huge effect on your animal’s long term health, which is why they recommend you stay vigilant and keep your pet active and clean. Here are a few tips for cleaning one sensitive but important part of your pet: the ears!

  1. The first thing you should know about cleaning your pet’s ears is that if there is a smell or if your pet is scratching, go no further. You should leave that buildup in the ear so that the veterinarian can examine it, and take your pet to Montgomery Animal Hospital right away for an appointment.
  2. Make sure you have all your supplies set out before you begin because pets can be squirmy once you start. You'll need ear cleaning solution and cotton balls or soft tissues. It can also be helpful to work with a friend who can provide some comfort and distraction to your pet.
  3. Apply the cleaning solution to your pet's ears. Dogs and cats have L-shaped ear canals, so make sure to use enough solution that you can hear the "squelch." Next massage the outside of the ear canal for 10-15 seconds to loosen up all that deep debris.
  4. Allow your pet to shake his or her head, bringing cleaner and gunk to the surface. You may want to do this outside, or wherever you can easily wipe down the walls! Lastly, wipe away any material inside the ear outwards. Avoid pushing the cotton far into the ear or forcing any wax or grime further into the canal. Gently remove any dirt or waxy buildup with your cotton ball or tissue..

For more information about this or any of your other pet needs, including senior pet care and exotic pet care, visit Montgomery Animal Hospital on Facebook, online, or call (513) 791-7912 to make an appointment for your pet today.

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