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A Guide on Handicapped Parking Spaces and ADA Regulations November 5, 2019

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A Guide on Handicapped Parking Spaces and ADA Regulations, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Ensuring an inclusive space starts in your parking lot. Businesses who value accessibility ensure that there is adequate parking allocated for employees and clients with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) have set minimum requirements for making parking facilities more accessible to everyone. If your parking lots are not up to standard, here are some considerations while discussing modifications with your paving contractor.

What Are the Regulations on Accessible Parking?

The ADA has laid out the minimum number of accessible spaces per total number of parking slots in a facility. Parking facilities, whether these are restricted or public lots or garages, are expected to meet the required accessible slots. These parking spaces must also be situated on the shortest path to an accessible entrance. If your area has several doors, these accessible spaces should be located close to these entries. 

Each accessible parking spot must be at least 96 inches wide (or 132 inches for van spaces) and located next to an aisle that is 60 inches wide and 20 feet long. Your paving contractor can advise you on the detailed requirements and any exceptions to these rules.

paving contractorYou must also install signs identifying accessible parking, using the International Symbol of Accessibility and the phrase "van accessible" where applicable. To ensure the signage remains visible, it must be installed with the lower edges at least five feet above the ground. 

Why Is Parking Lot Maintenance Important in Ensuring Accessibility?

Aside from increasing your curb appeal, a well-maintained parking lot minimizes the possibility of accidents among your workers and clients, including persons with disabilities. Cracks and holes are potential hazards, and you will be held liable for injuries. 

It's crucial to keep up with repairs, like potholes and crack filling, along with surface patching. Contact a local paving contractor to learn more about preventive services, such as seal coating and crack repairs. People will be more encouraged to work and do business with you when they see how well you value details like safety, convenience, and property upkeep.


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