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3 Ways Solving Math Word Problems Will Benefit Your Child October 31, 2019

Vinings, Cobb
3 Ways Solving Math Word Problems Will Benefit Your Child, Vinings, Georgia

Math can be challenging, but it's often even more challenging when the question is framed as a word problem. Weaving the necessary information into a story with extraneous details leaves many young minds stumped. However, with some math help, your child can get the following benefits from mastering word problems.

What Are the Benefits of Math Word Problems?

1. Enhance Creativity

When reading word problems, kids must visualize the action in their heads and dissect the information into manageable parts. They then need to put the pieces back together in a way that creates a tangible numerical equation. This forces kids to use creativity to solve for the right answer.

2. Boost Critical-Thinking Skills

math helpWhen tackling word problems, children must use critical-thinking to determine what information can be used to come up with the equation, and what elements can be put aside. From there, they need to use reasoning to solve for the answer. This approach to logical thinking helps with math skills, language arts comprehension, and life in general.

3. Prepare for Life

Kids encounter word problems in their daily lives. For example, when shopping at a store, they must add the price of each product to determine if they have enough money before they get to the register. If there are discounts on some items, they also have to use their percentage skills. Likewise, when meeting friends, they need to calculate how much time it'll take to get ready and travel to the destination to determine if they'll make it on time. By learning to solve word problems, your child will learn how to pull apart information to reach conclusions quickly.


If your child needs math help, contact the trained instructors at Mathnasium in Smyrna, GA. Since 2009, this learning center has been providing elementary and high school students throughout the Smyrna and Mableton areas with geometry and algebra help by tailoring the coursework to meet their needs. To sign your child up for homework or math help, call (770) 436-4949. Also, learn more about their approach to customized learning online, and read feedback from parents on Facebook

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