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4 Tips for Traveling with Contact Lenses October 29, 2019

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
4 Tips for Traveling with Contact Lenses, Brooklyn, New York

Contact lenses are a popular choice for people with vision problems as they are inconspicuous and often easier to manage than glasses. However, traveling with contacts can be difficult, and they can require extra care and attention when you’re out of the country. Here are some important tips to make your trip a little easier if you plan to travel with contact lenses. 

How to Travel When You Wear Contact Lenses 

1. Understand Traveling Restrictions 

If you travel by plane, security will restrict the size and amount of liquids you can bring. To avoid any issues, read all regulations regarding the amount of contact lens cleaning solution. Your trip will run smoothly when you know exactly what’s allowed through airport security. Another option is to wait until you arrive at your destination to restock your cleaning solution. 

2. Keep Your Contact Lenses on You During Travel

Luggage is often lost or redirected. If you pack your contact lenses in your check-in baggage, this can cause problems if it’s lost or stolen. For safety, make sure you carry your contacts on your person or in a carry-on bag so you can make sure you always have them on you. 

3. Be Cautious of Irritants and Diseases 

contact lensesEye irritants can hide or become trapped underneath or around contact lenses. This includes dirt, debris, bacteria, and parasites. Some countries may not have clean water in their showers or taps, so consider removing your contact lenses before you bathe. Double-check that the country you’re visiting has potable tap water, or be safe at all times and remove your lenses every time you wash your face. 

4. Bring Backups 

Loss, theft, and forgetfulness can happen at the most inopportune times. Pack an extra set of contact lenses in your luggage just in case you lose your primary pair. If you don’t have additional lenses, bring your optometrist’s information. You can call them to have a replacement sent to your closest pharmacy during travel. 


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