Pelican Bay, Florida

On Air Interview on Anxiety and Stress Sunday at 5pm September 16, 2015

Pelican Bay, Naples
On Air Interview on Anxiety and Stress Sunday at 5pm, Naples, Florida

Tune in to Dr. Mamie Smith's "Talk to the Author" radio show with featured guest Peggy Sealfon.  The topic: Escape from Anxiety and Stress! Reach Higher Levels of Thought! Remove Fear! SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH 5-6pm EDT.  Access the show HERE

Fear, stress and anxiety cause many of the diseases mankind struggles with on a daily basis, and experience shows us that surgery and pills have not made them disappear but have in most cases only prolonged or exacerbated them! What do we do? How do we advance? Peggy Sealfon shares answers on air from her book Escape From Anxiety--Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies from A to Z. 


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Listen in on Sunday at 5pm by clicking HERE

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