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What Is Network Redundancy? November 6, 2019

New York, New York
What Is Network Redundancy?, New York, New York

Whether you run a mom-and-pop grocery store or a megacorporation, you use business internet for keeping in touch with customers and managing payroll. If the connection goes out, a company may not be able to take orders and your employees may face a loss of productivity. To help you prevent this, here’s all you should know about setting up a redundant network. 

How Is Business Internet Redundancy Achieved?

Redundancy involves installing and maintaining another internet network as a backup. This network takes over in case your primary system malfunctions due to an outage, inclement weather, or scheduled maintenance. 

business internetTo do this, telecommunications providers use different types of equipment and mediums. Your alternate network needs to be distinct in several ways to ensure it’s reliable. For example, if your business uses fiber optics, your provider will install a cable or wireless alternative. They will also select a different carrier in a distant geographic location for your backup so both systems aren’t affected in case of an outage. 

What Are the Benefits of This for Your Business?

The main benefit is continued productivity while your primary business internet connection is down. Without a redundant system, employees might be unable to access files on the cloud or work on content management systems if the primary connection fails. If you use your connection to run your cash registers, you can rest assured you will still be able to close sales if one of your providers experiences an issue.

Another benefit is that the added security is very cost-effective. When you turn to your secondary connection, you’ll only be charged for the amount of data you use on it until your primary network is back up. 


If you need to set up network redundancy for your business internet, reach out to the experts at Arena One. Based in New York City’s Midtown, they serve businesses all over the country. Their networks are fully redundant and geographically diverse, with 99.999% availability. Visit their website to learn more about their managed high-speed internet or call (212) 231-9600 to schedule a consultation. 

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