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The History of the Office Chair October 31, 2019

Sixteen Mile Stand, Symmes
The History of the Office Chair, Symmes, Ohio

When your occupation involves sitting at a desk for extended periods of time, your office chair is crucial to both comfort, health, and interior design aesthetic. As you explore modern furniture options to suit your home office or company workspace, here’s some information on the history of office chairs to get your wheels turning. 

A Brief History of Office Chairs

The Original

Some say the office chair dates all the way back to the Roman Empire and Julius Ceasar. When conducting official government business and meeting with leaders and magistrates, Caesar sat in a curule chair. This special seat resembled a camp stool with big, curved legs that allowed the seated person to lean comfortably. Designs were ornate and dignified and became the earliest predecessor to the chair currently paired with desks. 

Common Usage

deskWith the rise of the railroad and the Industrial Revolution, desks and office chairs were no longer reserved for wealthy and important government dignitaries. Seated jobs became more commonplace, and designing chairs that were comfortable for middle management roles became a top priority. Soon the trend would multiply throughout the workforce.

Modern Trends

After World War II, the design of office chairs become focused on both design, functionality, and easy production for comfort and affordability. At this time, office chairs began to resemble what we see in modern workplaces.

In the 1970s, ergonomic design geared toward human comfort and back support came to the forefront of the industry. Today, individuals are able to shop for a wide range of modern furniture and matching desk and chair sets that are supportive and designed for extended sitting. 


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