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What to Check Before Sending a File to the Printer November 6, 2019

Onalaska, La Crosse County
What to Check Before Sending a File to the Printer, Onalaska, Wisconsin

When hiring a printing company, you want to make sure that everything is correct. However, you may forget to check your files over for mistakes, which means if you find one after the documents have been printed, you’ll need to start from scratch. To help things run smoothly, check these three critical parts of your file before having it printed.

3 Parts of a File to Check Before Sending It to the Printer

1. File Type

Not all file types are fit for printing. Both GIF and PNG files are specifically designed for computer screens and shouldn’t be printed. Instead, you can convert a file into a PDF, which is easier to have printed. Other files that are able to print include JPG and TIFF, which are for images, the latter being a higher resolution. If you’re having a large sign or banner made, opt for an EPS file so nothing gets distorted.

2. Resolution 

printing companyEvery image you print needs to be a high resolution. Make sure it’s set between 300dpi-400dpi for a standard print material such as an ad or brochure. For larger materials such as pole banners or transit wraps, the resolution should be lower. Your printing company can help you determine the best resolution for your file. Sizing is important because you want to make sure your images are crisp and clear for a reader to view. 

3. Spelling

Carefully check all spelling in the file. You might assume it’s safe to rely on your spell checker; however, spell checkers often can’t detect more intricate mistakes such as correctly spelled words in incorrect places or the differences between American, Canadian, and British spellings. They also won’t recognize any words not already in their library. 


When you’re ready to have your file printed, turn to Miller Quik Print in Onalaska, WI. For over 25 years, this family-owned printing company has provided high-quality printing services throughout the Onalaska, La Crosse, Winona, Viroqua, and Alma areas. Learn more about their printing services online, and call (608) 781-9465 to discuss your project with a friendly representative. 

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