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Frequently Asked Questions About Logging October 31, 2019

Morehead, Rowan
Frequently Asked Questions About Logging, Morehead, Kentucky

There are a few aspects you should know before you start harvesting and selling timber. As you stock up on logging supplies, you’ll likely have questions about what you can and cannot do. Knowing the answers to these will help you approach the job correctly.

FAQ About Logging Supplies & Procedures

Who conducts inspections?

In the state of Kentucky, the Kentucky Division of Forestry is responsible for inspecting logging jobs. You do not need to call them before you start a job, but they will find all posts in their county and come out to inspect them. This process may include an initial inspection, any necessary follow-up procedures, and a final inspection.

morehead hardwareDo you need a master logger on-site?

Yes, the master logger should always be on-site. When the rangers arrive for an inspection, they will ask to see the Master Logger Card with photo identification. If rangers stop by while the master logger is not present, they will note if the logger doesn’t come back or is regularly off-site.

What jobs are subject to the law?

Your job is not subject to logging law if you are on your property, cutting timber by yourself. If you have help from a crew, then the situation is subject to the law. Laws do not apply to non-industrial lands, such as if you own a farm and are cutting wood from it while the property has other purposes as well.

How do you sell timber?

Hire a professional forester to evaluate your timber and mark the ones you should remove; this ensures the preservation of your woodland health. You can then sell your timber by bids, which you’ll prepare for a contract. Once you have received your bids, choose your logger based on who is the highest bidder and also responsible.


Whether you’re running a crew or want to cut your timber at home, Wholesale Auto Parts has all of the logging supplies you need. This hardware and auto parts supplier has an expansive inventory at fair prices in Morehead, KY, for loggers across Rowan County. Learn more about their inventory online and call (606) 784-4147 with any questions.

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