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What Paint Colors Will Help Sell Your Home? October 28, 2019

Hampton Bays, Southampton
What Paint Colors Will Help Sell Your Home?, Southampton, New York

Every home seller wants to make their house as attractive as possible to potential buyers. When it comes to house painting, though, some people think that a simple touch-up will be enough to bring in offers. However, if you truly wish to boost your home’s appeal, you need to repaint both the exterior and the interior in the right colors. Here’s how to use paint to get your house sold quickly for the price it deserves.

A House Painting Guide for Home Sellers

Why Should You Paint Your House Before Selling It?

Although you might enjoy your home’s current colors, buyers generally seek out houses that look and feel fresh. It may have been a while since you last painted your house, and the current colors probably reflect your personal style. Repainting your home in fresh, neutral colors will help potential buyers imagine themselves living there and make for a quicker sale. Repainting is particularly important if you’ve lived in the house for more than five years, if you smoke, or if any of the walls contain holes, patches, multiple colors, accent walls, murals, or writing.

What Colors Should You Paint It? 

When repainting your house, keep in mind that using certain colors in certain areas can increase the home’s appeal. Here are the top-selling colors for each part of your home:

  • house paintingExterior: According to Zillow, houses painted in a combination of beige and grey (“greige”) are extremely popular, having outsold brown and tan homes by $3,496 in 2017. 
  • Front Door: Neutral yet inviting, dark navy blue to slate gray front doors can give homes an advantage.
  • Kitchen: Soft blue-gray shades in kitchens typically help houses sell for more than kitchens in other shades.
  • Dining Room: Paint your dining room a bluish-gray for an elegant, formal feel that can get a house sold for more than homes with white dining rooms. 
  • Living Room: For the living room, choose calming colors like oatmeal, beige, and soft taupe.
  • Bedroom: Homes with cadet blue and cerulean bedrooms can also sell for more. 
  • Bathrooms: Although you might think home buyers pay less attention to these rooms, bathrooms painted in a gentle pale blue can help homes sell for more than expected.


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