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3 Tips for Fighting Off a Sore Throat October 30, 2019

3 Tips for Fighting Off a Sore Throat, Bronx, New York

Autumn is officially in full swing, which means family medicine practices are busy taking care of patients with sore throats. Although this condition is incredibly common, not everyone knows how to take care of themselves when it happens to them. The following guide offers some health care tips to help you recover as quickly as possible when you come down with a sore throat. 

What Do Family Medicine Professionals Recommend for Sore Throats?

1. Get It Checked Out

If your condition doesn’t improve after three or four days, schedule an appointment with your family medicine doctor for a strep test. Many symptoms of a sore throat are the same as for strep; however, the latter requires antibiotics and is far more contagious. 

2. Consume Hot Beverages

family medicinePart of the reason sore throats are so uncomfortable is the irritation and dryness that come along with them. Consuming hot beverages like tea and hot chocolate helps to ease those symptoms by moistening the throat and soothe the pain. It also increases your liquid intake, which can minimize the risk of dehydration. For extra protection, add honey to your tea, which serves as an antibacterial component. 

3. Get Plenty of Rest

When your sick, your body needs as much rest as possible to fight off the infection. If you can, stay home and rest while you’re recovering. If you can’t do that, you should at least try to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep every night, and avoid pushing yourself too hard in the gym or while out and about. Also, take a nap during the day, if possible.  


If you’re struggling with a sore throat, talk to the family medicine professionals at HDR Healthcare Network. Serving residents throughout the Bronx, NY, they are proud to offer a broad range of services designed to keep patients healthy and happy. Give them a call today at (929) 256-5005 to schedule an appointment.

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