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4 Safe Driving Tips That Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs October 28, 2019

David City, Butler
4 Safe Driving Tips That Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs, David City, Nebraska

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that people undertake on a daily basis, where even a minor mistake can lead to a serious accident. Even if no one is seriously injured, a collision can trigger a spike in your auto insurance premiums, so it pays to exercise caution every time you get behind the wheel. The tips below will help you stay safe and even save money on car insurance.

How to Practice Safe Driving 

1. Take a Safe Driving Course

Driving seems easy after doing it regularly, which is why people eventually develop bad habits that can increase the chances of a crash. Safe driving courses refresh basic skills. They are so effective at preventing accidents that many auto insurance companies offer generous discounts to drivers who complete approved programs.

2. Leave Enough Space

auto insuranceRear-end collisions are one of the most common road accidents, and almost all of them are avoidable. At highway speeds, leave at least three seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you. Leave four or more if you’re driving behind an 18-wheeler.

3. Always Check Your Blind Spots

Almost every vehicle has blind spots that can easily hide a motorcycle or another car. Instead of relying solely on your mirrors, turn to look for drivers in your blind spot before changing lanes.

4. Don’t Speed

Speeding is a factor in up to a third of all fatal accidents, and it contributes to countless more serious injuries. Even if you’re not involved in a crash, being pulled over for speeding will likely drive your auto insurance rates up, potentially costing hundreds of dollars in the long run.


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