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How to Free Up Storage on Your Smartphone October 25, 2019

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How to Free Up Storage on Your Smartphone, Boscobel, Wisconsin

Smartphones typically come with a generous amount of storage on them, but it is still limited. It can be surprisingly easy to fill up your memory card when you have a lot of apps, photos, and videos on your device. If you keep getting notifications that you’re running out of storage space, try any of the simple and effective strategies below.

4 Easy Ways to Save Storage on Smartphones

1. Check Your Usage

You may be surprised at what’s taking up all of your storage space. Under “General Settings,” go to “Usage” and “Manage Storage.” Typically, if you only frequently use popular apps like Facebook® and email, you want to use less than 5 gigabytes. See which applications are taking the most space and if you can afford to, delete those culprits.

2. Back Up Your Data

boscobel smart phonesMedia files take up an incredible amount of space, especially high-resolution photos and videos. There’s no need to keep all of that on your phone, and you don’t want to risk losing everything if something happens to your device. Back up your media files using a cloud storage service such as Dropbox® or Google Drive®.

3. Clean Up Your Apps

Although an app may be a single unit on your phone, the pictures, or information you have stored in it can take up a lot of space. Delete old emails, podcasts you no longer listen to, and e-books that you’ve already read.

4. Stream Your Music

Music is another media file that takes up a significant amount of storage. If you have a large collection on your device, then this is what’s hogging your space. Switch to a streaming music service and delete all the old music.


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