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The Difference Between Residential & Commercial ACs October 30, 2019

The Difference Between Residential & Commercial ACs, Honolulu County, Hawaii

Since residential and commercial ACs have the same function, they can seem similar at first. However, there are many ways that they differ. Here’s a guide to understanding the differences between commercial and residential air conditioning units.

4 Differences in Residential & Commercial AC Units

1. Location

Residential HVAC units are always placed behind or on the side of a home. For a business, units are typically put on the roof of the building. This helps companies save space around their property, and the high location keeps the system away from vandals. Additionally, commercial repairs are easier when the AC is on the roof, away from the nearby traffic flow.

2. Build

ACA commercial system is packaged because all the components are housed in a single rooftop unit. However, a residential system has two pieces: the outdoor compressor and the indoor evaporator.

3. Size

Home AC units are smaller than commercial ones because they don't have as much space to cool, allowing it to function with smaller parts. Commercial systems are larger because they require bigger components, like condenser fans and compressors, to cool a space.

4. Complexity

Since commercial units are larger than residential ones, they’re also more complex. This is because a commercial system is adapted to the building’s size and occupancy. Typically, these units have to work harder to keep everyone cool and require more power than a residential system. Since they’re more complex, commercial AC installation and repairs must be handled by a highly trained technician.


If you’re starting a business and want to put in an AC system, opt for a commercial unit to ensure your office’s cooling needs are met. For fast and efficient installation, turn to the skilled team at Cornerstone Air Conditioning in Honolulu, HI. These licensed technicians specialize in commercial HVAC installation, and they’ll help you maintain it with their 24/7 repair services. View their services online, or call (808) 847-3639 to schedule an appointment.

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