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3 Ways to Eat a Biscuit October 29, 2019

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3 Ways to Eat a Biscuit, Newtown, Ohio

Biscuits are the ultimate comfort food. Warm, flaky, and buttery, they complement any meal, whether you’re dining on fried chicken at your favorite family restaurant or snacking on them because they remind you of home. There are many ways to eat this all-time favorite—here are some ideas.

How to Eat a Biscuit

1. Honey

Honey is a natural partner for a biscuit because of its distinctly sweet flavor profile. Biscuits, by nature, are buttery and somewhat salty. This creates the perfect setting for a sugary counterpart. There are a few ways to approach this take on the dish. Slice it down the middle and drizzle honey inside, or leave it whole and simply pour some on top. Either way, the sweetness helps bring out the buttery notes.

2. Jam

For those who love to eat their biscuits for breakfast instead of merely as a partner for their fried chicken, then they should get acquainted with different types of jam. The fruity condiment makes a wonderful partner for the flaky baked good. For the most complex flavor combination, experiment with something that opposes the biscuit’s rich, buttery notes—jalapeño mint or pineapple, for example. The effect can be both startling and dramatically delicious, and it also adds a little color to your breakfast plate.

fried chicken3. Gravy

Gravy isn’t limited to a single category. There’s the type that you may have on your fried chicken plate if you’re also eating mashed potatoes, and there’s the more robust sausage gravy. Both savory and sweet gravies can transform your biscuit into a different dish altogether. The goal is to play on the warmth and baked nature of the biscuit.


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