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4 Ways to Stop Auto Alarms That Won’t Turn Off November 18, 2019

Kailua, Koolaupoko
4 Ways to Stop Auto Alarms That Won’t Turn Off, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Auto alarms deter theft and alert you to suspicious activity around your car. It can be a stressful and annoying situation if this essential vehicle accessory won’t turn off. Here are a few steps you can take if your alarm won’t stop.

What to Do If Your Auto Alarm Keeps Making Noise

1. Start Your Car

Turn on your car—this signals to the system that the keyholder is nearby or in the vehicle. This step should reset the alarm, whether you have a remote start, push-to-start, or keyed ignition. If the noise doesn’t stop, turn off the car and try another method.

2. Press Other Buttons

Pushing other buttons on the fob may work because it tells the alarm system that the owner is nearby and close enough to receive the signal. Start by locking and unlocking your doors with the fob. If that doesn’t work, press or hold the panic button on your key fob—if this also fails, try the trunk button.

3. Use the Key to Unlock the Door

auto alarmYour key fob may be faulty or dead. Use your physical key to lock and unlock the car’s driver side door—this should reset the alarm if it’s factory-installed. If this doesn’t work, the issue is likely a fault in the alarm system itself.

4. Disconnect the Battery’s Negative Cable

If the previous steps don’t work, you’ll need to do the equivalent of a hard reset. Disconnecting the battery will reset all of your car’s electric systems and kill the power to the alarm. Turn off your vehicle, put on non-conducting gloves and protective eyewear, and pop the hood. Carefully disconnect the negative cable from the terminal and leave it off for a few minutes before reconnecting it. If the alarm starts again, leave it disconnected, and tow your car to a repair shop.


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