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3 Common Causes of Roof Damage to Keep on Your Radar October 30, 2019

West Columbia, Lexington
3 Common Causes of Roof Damage to Keep on Your Radar, Lexington, South Carolina

Protecting the inside of your home from the elements is an important job, to say the least, so the condition of your roof really matters. Unfortunately, minor problems often go unnoticed, which means major roof repairs are necessary when they’re finally addressed. To determine whether you need a roof inspection to identify and correct concerns as soon as possible, here’s a closer look at some common causes of damage. 

3 Ways Roofs Get Damaged

1. Neglect

Investing in regular maintenance now can prevent the need for expensive roof repairs later. Irregular upkeep often leads to damage. When loose shingles aren’t secured, for example, water can seep down to the substrate. Moisture can rot the wood and compromise the structural integrity of the entire installation.

During a maintenance check, roofers will fasten loose connections and seal weak areas in flashing to prevent water infiltration. They’ll also remove vegetation before microorganisms eat away at the material and ensure the system’s strong enough to transition from season to season. 

2. Weather

roof repairIf storms are in the forecast, schedule a roof inspection after the treacherous weather subsides. High-speed winds can dislodge and crack shingles and panels, so look for fasteners and debris scattered in the yard.

Fallen branches can also puncture the membrane, causing water leaks. When gutters become caked with leaves and mud, rain can’t drain properly, leading to standing water causing the materials to corrode. A roofing contractor will determine what storm damage repairs are necessary. 

3. DIY Repairs

No matter how many online tutorials you watch, nothing beats the expertise a professional roofer provides. Although do-it-yourself roof repairs might seem cheaper now, they could cost you more money in the long run. If you don’t use the right equipment and materials, it will be nearly impossible to perform quality repairs, and professionals may have to end up fixing any blunders. Foregoing professional maintenance could also void manufacturer warranties.


To determine whether your roof is damaged, reach out to the technicians at All State Construction in Lexington, SC. Since 1964, the professionals have been providing Lexington County residents with roofing and home remodeling services to boost the efficiency, enjoyment, and value of their properties. To schedule roof repairs or discuss your home improvement needs, call (803) 359-2364 today.

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