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3 Cybersecurity Strategies to Protect Digital Assets October 31, 2019

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3 Cybersecurity Strategies to Protect Digital Assets, Concord, Ohio

The internet has changed how all types of industries do business. Managers store client information, company payroll, and more sensitive materials on the cloud and on-site servers. If hackers access the data, it could have devastating consequences for your company. That’s why you should adopt the following policies to boost network security.  

How to Protect Your Digital Business Assets

1. Invest in IT Support

Smaller companies often don’t have personnel on-site to guard digital property nonstop. That’s why you should hire an IT solutions provider to manage network security. They will safeguard the end-to-end user experience across all company networks and cloud services. They will also make sure software is regularly updated to curb malware attacks. 

2. Monitor Risks

Concord-Ohio-network-securityJust like surveillance equipment is installed to prevent theft in the workplace, you should also keep a watchful eye over digital assets. This includes knowing where files are kept on the server or off-site storage and who has access. As cybercriminals can infiltrate software programs on computers, tablets, and smartphones, the entire team should know how their electronics work. This way, they will be on heightened alert to any suspicious changes in operation.

3. Don’t Rely on the Basics

Although company-issued computers have antivirus software, you should also install encryption programs to boost network security. Access to all sensitive files should be password protected. To prevent loss of data, all important files should be transferred to back-up storage. Managed IT services specialists can also recommend system upgrades to keep networks safe.


To protect your business from cyberthreats, contact Concord Technology Group. Based in Concord, OH, the professionals have been improving the network security of small businesses throughout the greater Cleveland area since 2008. To see how they will enhance your network infrastructure, call (440) 210-3200 or visit them online for details. Follow them on Twitter for more useful IT information to grow your operations. 

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