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What Are Concrete Expansion Joints? October 30, 2019

Wildhorse Village, Chesterfield
What Are Concrete Expansion Joints?, Chesterfield, Missouri

Whether it’s your home’s basement or a sidewalk leading to your retail store’s entrance, concrete is a popular choice due to its long-term durability. Unfortunately, repeated exposure to outdoor temperature changes and water can cause the material to contract and expand. Over time, cracks form within the concrete. As a safeguard, concrete expansion joints helps prevent damage. The following is a guide on what the components are and how they work to minimize concrete repair.

What Are Concrete Expansion Joints

Pliable items such as plastic or an asphalt-coated material typically make up the joints and they sit along the length and width of a concrete slab. They provide a barrier that protects concrete from cracking while fortifying the slab. There are different expansion joints used for sidewalks, buildings, pavement, bridges, and property foundations. A powerful urethane caulk is typically used with the joints to help keep moisture out.

How Do They Work

concrete repairConcrete repair technicians determine the installation location based on the slab’s type, thickness, and the concrete’s purpose. The expansion joint is generally placed one-fourth of the way down the slab. Some projects require the joint to be further down. Before pouring the concrete, contractors mark areas to install the expansion joints. After the concrete sets, grooves are made to accommodate the joints.

Once installed, the expansion joints provide several protections to prevent cracks. During extreme heat and freezes, concrete contracts and expands. The joints absorb these fluctuating movements to prevent the cracks they may cause. When properly installed by professional technicians, the braces also absorb vibrations triggered by earthquakes.


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