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5 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe During Halloween October 24, 2019

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe During Halloween, Coolville, Ohio

Between the excitement of dressing up in fun costumes to the bag of delicious candy they have at the end of the night, many kids look forward to the Halloween holiday. In the midst of trick-or-treating, it’s also essential to keep your little ones safe from harm. If you have homeowners insurance, the coverage offers additional protection. Here are several tips for making the festive night a safe one for kids.

5 Halloween Safety Tips for Children

1. Remove Items That Could Cause Accidents

Make your home and yard accident-proof by removing landscaping items that may cause kids to trip or fall. These include decorative boulders, garden hoses, and lawn furniture. If needed, rake leaves, remove tree branches, and trim hedges so that costumed children can navigate safely to your front door. 

2. Keep Pets Away

The constant stream of people ringing the doorbell can make dogs and cats nervous. They may respond with aggressive behavior towards young trick-or-treaters. While your homeowners insurance policy will typically cover the medical expenses if guests are injured, take a proactive approach. Keep pets in another room away from the crowd. Stock their private space with food, water, toys, and their favorite sleeping items. 

3. Travel in Groups

homeowners insurance Coolville, OHNever allow your children to venture out unless a responsible parent or adult accompanies them. If teenagers plan to take part in Halloween, discuss where they will be going, if adult chaperones will be there, and set a curfew. Children should never approach a home that is not well-lit or looks unoccupied. 

4. Observe Road Rules

On Halloween night, kids will be crossing streets and may not pay attention to passing cars. The adult in the group should always ensure children use designated crosswalks and avoid passing between parked cars. Drivers should slow down and give pedestrians the right away. 

5. Adjust Home Security Systems

When you had your alarm systems installed, you likely qualified for a homeowners insurance discount. On the day of Halloween, be sure to turn off all networks so that eager children pulling on doorknobs won’t be startled by loud signals. Keep motion-detector lighting on to illuminate your yard and front porch as an added precaution.


Simmons Insurance Group of Southeastern Ohio wants to help you ensure that all the necessary home safeguards are in place during Halloween and year-round. Based in Coolville, OH, the independent firm partners with leading providers to bring you affordable and reliable homeowners insurance. It’s among the reasons why the family-owned agency has been in business since 1970. For information on coverage options and to get a free quote, call (740) 667-3111 or visit their website today.

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