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4 Classic American Foods December 5, 2019

Downtown Stamford, Stamford
4 Classic American Foods, Stamford, Connecticut

There are several restaurant foods that Americans consider to be classics. These delicacies have been adapted over the years and can vary in preparation from city to city. However, regardless of the variations, these delicious foods are quintessential to the American dining experience. Below are five of the most classic American comfort foods to enjoy on your next night out. 

What Are the Most Classic American Foods?

1. Hamburgers 

Hamburgers became a staple at food carts across the country during the Industrial Revolution when a chef decided to make hamburger steaks easier and less messy to eat. Shortly after that, the Chicago World Fair brought these handheld sandwiches to popularity. Now, hamburgers are a go-to menu item at all American cuisine restaurants across the country. Many restaurants now offer a variety of meats, cheeses, special vegetable toppings, and flavored mayo on their burgers. 

2. Chicken Wings 

restaurantOne of the most classic American comfort foods is chicken wings. They come in a wide variety of sauce flavors like buffalo, parmesan garlic, and hot. The dish was first served as an appetizer in Buffalo, New York. Now, it’s a staple at many sporting events and tailgates. You can enjoy either traditional wings, boneless, or naked tenders topped with your choice of many different sauces and spice levels. 

3. Sandwiches 

Most children can agree that the sandwich is a school lunch staple. However, through the years, sandwiches have made a major upgrade, giving themselves an earned spot on every classic American restaurant menu. Sandwiches originated in the 19th century as a way to avoid food waste. Dinner scraps like ham and chicken would be mixed with mayonnaise on two pieces of bread. Now, dining establishments have adapted the sandwich into new classics like the hot chicken and the buffalo and ranch chicken sandwich. 

4. Macaroni & Cheese 

Mac and cheese is an American staple that was created during the Great Depression and became a must-have at many continental restaurants. Its creamy and smooth texture makes it a warm, comfort food dish. Mac and cheese is a unique dish because the ingredients are widely varied, and restaurants are able to make the dish their own unique menu item. You can include pepper jack cheese for a spicy rendition or a sharp cheddar for a classic dish. 


If you’re looking for a classic American dish, you’ll find it at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar in New York, NY. With 19 convenient restaurants across Connecticut and New York, there is always a location near you serving cold beer on tap and a variety of delicious dishes. Visit the website to learn more about their menu items or call (212) 665-9453 to speak with a team member. 

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