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5 Fifth-Wheel Truck Parts You Need for Safety November 4, 2019

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5 Fifth-Wheel Truck Parts You Need for Safety, Fairbanks, Alaska

A fifth wheel provides extra towing strength when moving a heavy trailer. It also provides more pivot action to make turning easier. However, as with other towing mechanisms, your fifth wheel requires certain truck parts for safety. To help you outfit your equipment with everything it needs for top-notch function, here are a few of the accessories that will keep your vehicle secure.

What Are Some Useful Fifth Wheel Accessories?

1. Locks

To maintain a secure connection between your hitch and trailer, you’ll need effective locks. King pin options are strong, steel housings that fit over the pin to prevent the trailer from being stolen when you leave it unattended.

2. Wedges

A hitch with a swivel pin box allows your fifth wheel to turn up to 90 degrees, but if you plan on utilizing one, you’ll need a wheel wedge. When this truck part is bolted onto the pin box, it will lock the bar against the pin to keep the pin from swiveling inside the hitch head. This prevents the need for a second pivot point.

3. Lube Plate

truck partsThis small, flat truck part is placed inside the hitch to help it stay lubricated and reduce friction between the metal pieces. As the trailer moves, this added lubrication will also prevent clunking noises and vibrations between the coupler and king pin. 

4. Top Clips 

This fifth wheel truck part is necessary for keeping the hitch head securely in place. If you notice yours is damaged, don’t attach your trailer before replacing it, since that could make it detach. 

5. King Pin Gauge

Your trailer’s king pin will become worn over time. You can tighten the jaws on the fifth wheel to address any looseness. However, if you try to put a normal pin in the adjusted fifth wheel, it can accelerate wear and tear.

Using a king pin gauge prevents the need for adjustments by allowing you to check the thickness and length of the pin to ensure it will fit safely against the plate. 


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