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3 Ways to Improve Your Bowling Skills November 8, 2019

Onalaska, La Crosse County
3 Ways to Improve Your Bowling Skills , Onalaska, Wisconsin

Bowling, like any sport, takes time and practice. But improving your score is more than throwing the ball down the lane. This game requires proper ball handling, lining up the shot, and perfecting the release. Below are a few tips to help you pick up those spares, and increase the chances of throwing strikes.

How to Improve Your Bowling Technique

1. Choose the Correct Ball

Balls have different weights and coverstocks. The weight of the ball is a matter of comfort, throwing style, and wrist strength. If you are a straight shooter, then a heavier ball will suffice. But if you like some spin on your throw, then consider something a little lighter. If the ball is lighter, your wrist can support the rotation of release. Coverstock is the material of the ball. It determines the amount of traction generated between the ball and the lane. Straight shooters don’t usually need the traction, but if you curve the ball, traction is essential. Some bowlers have two balls, one to pick up spares and one for throwing strikes. Picking up spares is typically a straight shot, so a different ball is required.

2. Work on Your Aim 

BowlingYour aim is the aspect that requires the most practice, especially for curved throwers. Straight throwers should aim with their thumb during the release. Aim for one of the three middle arrows during the release, see where the ball goes, and adjust as needed. When curving the ball, it’s still important to line up with the arrows. Aim to the right if right-handed, or to the left if left-handed. The ball needs to hit the pocket or strike zone, which is between the first and second pin.

One of the hardest parts for curved throwers is the amount of oil on the lanes. A newly-oiled lane will be slicker and give the ball less traction, while a dry lane will grip and cause the ball to hook.

3. Practice the Release

The heavier and faster an object moves, the harder it’ll hit something else. In order to accumulate the most speed, you have to get the release right. Tightening your muscles to throw the ball faster down the lane will disrupt the flow of movement since the exact tightening can’t be equaled every time. Start with the ball cradled with both hands in front of you. Let the ball swing from this position and reach its apex behind you. The ball will use gravity to move downward in an arc and in front of you. The higher the ball rises behind you, the more power you’ll have during the release. Also, the lower you bend your knees during the release increases the speed of the release.


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