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How to Keep Your Cat at a Healthy Weight October 24, 2019

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How to Keep Your Cat at a Healthy Weight, Columbus, Nebraska

Overweight house cats are becoming a growing problem that veterinarians see. While you might think your friend’s furry rolls are cute, it’s not healthy for them to overeat. As with humans, gaining too much weight leads to health conditions like diabetes, osteoarthritis, and heart disease. Use this guide to learn how to keep your cat at a safe and healthy weight.

What’s a Healthy Weight for Cats?

The ideal cat weight varies from one breed to the next. However, according to veterinarians, most domesticated cats should not exceed 10 pounds. Although, some larger and smaller breeds can weigh as much as 25 pounds or as little as 5 pounds. 

Since you see your cat every day, it can be difficult to notice if they’re overweight, but regular appearance inspections can rectify this. Does their belly sag or touch the ground when they walk? Also, if you don’t feel their ribs, shoulder bones, or spine when petting them, they might be carrying some extra pounds.

How to Maintain Your Cat’s Weight

veterinarianKeeping your cat at a healthy weight is all about diet and exercise. Talk to your veterinarian about how many calories your pet should receive each day. Measure out their food to avoid overeating, and don’t give them human food, which can contain excess sugar, dairy, and other harmful ingredients that might cause weight gain. 

If you have more than one pet, put out multiple bowls and monitor them at feeding time. Ensure one cat isn’t stealing food out of the other animal’s feeder. If you notice this happening, try to feed them in different areas so the one who overeats can’t cause nutritional deficiencies for the other pet. 

Cats also need to get regular exercise. This helps control their weight and prevent boredom. Keep plenty of toys around and encourage them to run and play with laser pointers and flexible wands. Also, look for feeders that make your cat figure out puzzles or hunt for their food. 


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