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3 Tips for Using a Storage Unit to Help Downsize November 6, 2019

Stevens Creek, Lancaster
3 Tips for Using a Storage Unit to Help Downsize, Stevens Creek, Nebraska

There are a lot of benefits that come with downsizing to a smaller home—including less area to clean and decorate. The hardest part involves figuring out how to fit a larger home’s worth of belongings into a smaller house. Not everything will make the move into the new home, which means making some tough decisions about your possessions. A storage unit is the ideal place for the items you don’t need on hand, but aren’t willing to part with. As you begin the sorting and packing process, use the advice below. 

How to Begin Downsizing

1. Start Early

As you sort through drawers and closets, you will likely find items you may not have realized you even have. The process of going through all of these belongings takes time so don’t wait until the last minute when decisions have to be hastily made. Go a room at a time, starting with non-essentials, sorting items into piles based on whether they need to be taken to your new home, put in a storage unit, donated, or trashed.

2. Choose a Storage Place Nearby

storage unitWhile you may not need the items you’ll be storing often, it’s convenient to have them close for when you do. Pick a facility near your new home—preferably one that offers 24/7 access to the units—so that it is never difficult to retrieve something you want or put something else in. 

3. Think Long-Term

Your items will likely be in the storage unit for a long time, so, once you secure a rental, take steps to keep it organized. Place shelves along the walls of the unit to hold smaller belongings, leaving room in the middle to walk through. Label everything you store and keep a running list of what’s located there that you can refer to from your new house. 


Need a storage unit to safely stow your belongings? Turn to East “O” Street Self Storage or Kiss Self Storage, both in Lincoln, NE. Their facility boasts storage solutions in a variety of sizes, including ones with climate-control and high-tech security features. They place a heavy emphasis on customer service and are happy to help you find the ideal solution for the extra items you need to store. Call them today at (402) 489-0134 or visit them online to learn more.

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