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4 Common Injuries for Runners and How to Avoid Them November 7, 2019

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4 Common Injuries for Runners and How to Avoid Them, O'Fallon, Missouri

Although running is great for your health, it’s possible to compromise your bone strength and become injured if you don’t avoid them. If you like to run, you can’t be too careful about taking care of yourself while you do it. For that reason, keep in mind the most common running injuries so that you can stay safe and healthy. 

4 Frequent Running Injuries and How to Prevent Them 

1. Chondromalacia 

Commonly known as runner’s knee, chondromalacia happens with overuse. The cartilage in your knee joints may wear away with repeated impact, and if it’s not given a chance to heal properly, your joints will become inflamed. Runner’s knee is painful and makes your knee stiff to move if it’s been bent for a while. Avoid it by increasing muscle and bone strength in your leg with weight training, using supportive shoes, and trying not to run on hard, flat surfaces.  

2. Plantar Fasciitis 

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation in the tissue on the bottom of your foot between your heel and toes. It happens when your feet have difficulty handling repeated contact with the ground when you run. People with high arches are especially prone to it, but avoid it with supportive shoes, regular stretching, and icing as needed.

bone strength

3. Fractures 

Stress fractures can occur in any bone that continuously takes the brunt of the impact. Shin splints are common for runners, especially if they try to increase their activity level too quickly drastically. Besides enhancing bone strength, you can keep yourself from developing stress fractures and shin splints by gradually building your endurance rather than trying to do too much at once. 

4. Muscle and Ligament Wear 

Runners frequently pull or tear their leg muscles and ligaments. That’s how runners often end up with rolled or sprained ankles and even IT band syndrome, defined as the thigh ligaments swelling or thickening to the point that they cause inflammation in the knee. To prevent these issues, consider stretching and applying either ice or heat to the legs and feet. 

Many running injuries can be prevented simply by increasing your bone strength, which is why you should contact OsteoStrong in O’Fallon, MO. They offer people at any age and fitness level the chance to reach their peak performance ability naturally. Additionally, it alleviates chronic back and neck pain, supplements physical therapy after a hip replacement, facilitates osteoporosis treatment, battles diabetes, and more. Find out details about their process and services by calling (636) 238-8696 or checking them out online

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