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What to Do During a Home Lockout October 24, 2019

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What to Do During a Home Lockout, Thomasville, North Carolina

A home lockout is a stressful experience, especially if you aren’t sure where you lost your key. But, don’t panic. By taking the appropriate steps, you can get back inside quickly. This guide will help you solve your home lockout with ease so you can keep calm.

Step-By-Step Guide to a Home Lockout

1. Consider Entry Options

Begin by walking around your home and looking for a different entrance. You may find that you have an unlocked window or back door. You should also try using the garage door opener in your car. There may be a spare key or an unlocked entryway in your garage.

2. Call for Help

thomasville-NC-emergency-locksmithIf you know someone who has a spare key to your house — like a neighbor, family member, or landlord — call to see if they can come by to let you in. If not, a trustworthy mobile locksmith can get into the door for you, even without a key. If you don’t have a phone with you, try knocking on a neighbor’s door to borrow one.

3. Prevent a Second Lockout

Now that you know what it’s like to get locked out, you’ll be motivated to prevent a second occurrence. Have your locksmith make a few spare keys for you. Give one or two copies to people you trust, such as family members or a neighbor.

Hide a key on your property somewhere people won’t think to look; avoid placing it under the mat or a rock by your front door since these are the first places intruders will check. Your locksmith may have a lockbox with a code you can install somewhere along the side or back of your house to keep a key secure.


Bill’s Locksmith offers prompt and professional home lockout assistance throughout the Triad area. This locally owned and operated business is based in Thomasville, NC, and is the security expert of the area. They can get you into your home and prevent future lockouts. See their full list of services online, and call (336) 906-0824 to request an emergency locksmith.

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