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3 Ways to Help a Friend After a House Fire December 19, 2019

St. Augustine, St. Johns
3 Ways to Help a Friend After a House Fire, St. Augustine, Florida

If a friend’s home was damaged due to a fire, it’s likely a challenging and overwhelming ordeal to cope with. Even if the blaze was small and no one was hurt, it's a long process to get fire restoration completed and to recover both emotionally and financially. If you want to provide comfort and support, the tips below discuss how you can do so. 

How to Help a Friend Cope With a House Fire

1. Be There for Them

Your friend is in a complicated place emotionally. Not only are they grieving any sentimental belongings lost in the fire, but they may also have been in danger and will need time to recover from the experience. It’s crucial to listen to their take on the situation and make it clear that they can talk about it with you. Don't try to tell them how they should feel, including telling them to look on the bright side or be grateful it wasn't worse. Instead, be accepting and supportive of whatever feelings they express and acknowledge that this is a hard time. 

2. Help Them Seek Fire Damage Repairs

Fire RestorationFire restoration and emergency cleaning services are available to help your friend recover whatever they can from the home. They address charring, smoke damage, and water damage. Help your friend find a reputable company by reading online reviews. They may also need help keeping track of information and deciding between options before they're ready to choose a restoration service.

3. Keep Checking Up on Them

Your friend will likely need help for days or weeks after the fire. Keep checking in, even if they seem okay. Offer to help them find a place to stay, cook them meals, go with them to their home if needed to gather their belongings, or simply be there to listen until they're back on their feet.



If you need fast, reliable fire restoration services, choose SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine Beach in Saint Augustine, FL. These professionals perform thorough and effective fire restoration services, including inspecting the home, removing smoke and soot, and cleaning and repairing damages. Call (904) 429-4457 to schedule an appointment or visit their website to browse their offerings. 

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