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How to Pair Beer With Food November 28, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
How to Pair Beer With Food, Brooklyn, New York

Today, nearly every American food restaurant features a vast beer menu. These beloved drinks taste unique and crisp no matter what, but you can elevate the flavors by pairing it with complementary foods. Below is a guide to food and beer pairings to take your meals to the next level.

5 Tips for Enjoying Beer With American Food 

1. Use as a Palate Cleanser

Many people enjoy spicy chicken wings that leave them in need of a refreshing beverage. You can easily switch between hot wings and appetizers like seasoned fries without losing their respective flavors by sipping on a palate-cleansing beer. Enjoy light pale ales or German Pilsners between wings to tone down the heat. 

2. Choose a Fruity Brew 

American foodFruity brews made with ingredients like apples or berries are also delicious when eating American food. The acidic characteristics work to bring out unique flavor notes in dishes like nachos with grilled vegetables and greens. 

3. Match the Spice

If you want to intensify the heat of spicy wings, skip palate-cleansing light beers and enjoy wheat options instead. Look for types with at least 50 percent wheat instead of barley, rice, or corn. Try a Weizenbock, Berliner, or an American wheat beer to enjoy the fizz of the yeasty brew with your hot wings.

4. Pair BBQ With Dark Porters

Barbecued meats often feature complex flavors like brown sugar, tomato, and white vinegar. These tastes work well with brown-malt porters or a milk stout beer with coffee or caramel flavors.

5. Don’t Skip Dessert

People often pair sweet treats with wines or bubbly beverages. However, beer can also go with American food like cheesecake bites or chocolate cake. Enjoy fruit-enhanced brews with hints of blackberry, peach, or raspberry. Or, try red-brown ails that offer mild, hoppy flavors to complement the sugary dessert. Stouts are a perfect match for chocolate cake because of the low-alcohol content and roasted flavors.


When you’re ready to test out your new pairing knowledge, head to Buffalo Wild Wings. With 19 convenient locations across New York and Connecticut, you can enjoy scrumptious American food, including boneless wings, street tacos, and burgers, anywhere you go. Satisfy all of your cravings in one spot with a cold beer, a filling dinner, and your favorite game. Visit the website to find the location nearest to you and get ready to enjoy a fun night out. 

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