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What Is a Variable Frequency Drive Control? October 24, 2019

Davenport, Lincoln
What Is a Variable Frequency Drive Control?, Davenport, Washington

With climate change a looming concern for many homeowners, people are looking for more ways to reduce energy and water waste. If you have a water well, integrating a variable frequency drive control into your well pump system will help you save money and protect the environment. You may have many questions about this if you’ve never heard of this equipment before. To help you determine whether it’s right for you, here’s all you need to know about it. 

Your Guide to Variable Frequency Drives

What Are They?

A variable frequency drive (VFD) powers an electric motor by converting standard energy flow into adjustable power. This means you can adjust the frequency of the current going to your pump to ensure it accommodates the workload of your unit.

well pumpA well pump motor typically cycles on and off as your water usage fluctuates throughout the day, which puts extra strain on the equipment. This also leads to energy waste, driving up your monthly utility bills. A VFD control will allow you to manage this cycling frequency by letting you gently increase or decrease motor speed.

What Benefits Do They Bring?

Because a VFD reduces the strain placed on your well pump, it will maximize its lifespan. Decreasing the speed of the motor when you don’t need it to work hard will preserve its parts.

A lot of energy is wasted when a motor has to power on and reach a certain speed quickly. Since a VFD ramps up gradually, less energy will be wasted and you’ll have improved motor acceleration. Controlling the power will also reduce surges on this electrical system, helping you enjoy energy savings over time. Not only is this good for your wallet, but it also helps protect the planet.


If you’re interested in installing a VFD control for your well pump, contact Halme Electric and Pump. These water well pump professionals offer both drilling and maintenance services in the area of Davenport, WA. A residential and commercial electrician, they also handle general electrical work. Learn more about what they do online or call (509) 725-3500 to schedule an appointment.