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TOWN Concierge Picks: Apartment 13 October 23, 2013

Greenwich Village, Manhattan
TOWN Concierge Picks: Apartment 13, Manhattan, New York

Apartment 13

115 Avenue C, between Seventh and Eighth Streets

Deep in the heart of the East Village comes this brand new dual-level gem from Chef John Keller, Lorrae Doug, aka wine geek Steve Olson and Cocktail maven Leo DeGroff.

In a warm ambiance reticent of the cozy apartment Keller and Doug share, New York City cuisine is uniquely blended with Japanese and Caribbean influences to create an array of stunningly thoughtful, palate-pleasing dishes. An intuitive beverage program, so to speak, offers bespoke wine, cocktails, beer or sake pairings for each and every course by employing user-friendly icons in a whimsically fun process.

The wine list alone is more than 70 bottles deep and the cocktail options--like a refreshing Shiso Mojito or an effervescent, floral blend of Cava and passion fruit--are as far reaching as the menu itself. Plates range from Keller’s homespun version of a Maryland crab cake with coconut crema, to a smoky hamachi crudo, to what is perhaps the most excellent take on fish sticks--made with miso marinated black cod, that is-- to ever grace the table.

With a roaring fireplace, a patio that’s open all winter long and a truly cozy dinner party vibe, there’s never been a better reason to head to Avenue C.