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4 Reasons to Build a New Home October 23, 2019

Chillicothe, Ross
4 Reasons to Build a New Home, Chillicothe, Ohio

If you’re planning on moving into a new home, you may find yourself choosing between pre-owned homes on the market and new home construction. While there are benefits to buying an older home, they don’t compare to the advantages of building a new house. Here are several reasons why you should build a new home.

4 Benefits of New Home Construction

1. Boost Energy Efficiency

Unfortunately, older homes aren’t very energy-efficient. That means you could wind up spending more money on your electricity bills than you should. If you invest in new home construction, you can install several eco-friendly options, like attic insulation and triple-paned windows.

2. Customize Floor Plan

new home constructionOne of the most significant benefits of new home construction is that you can design your house any way you wish. Whether you want an open kitchen or a patio, a custom home builder can help you build the home of your dreams.

3. Save Money

At first, constructing a new home seems more expensive than buying an existing home. However, if it home requires many repairs, you could end up spending tens of thousands of dollars over the years. If you invest in a newly built home, you can avoid these expensive repairs and save money over the years.

4. Protect From Fire

Newly constructed homes frequently include fire safety features that older homes don’t typically have. For instance, newly built homes include hard-wired smoke detectors, which provide better protection than battery-operated smoke detectors.


If you’re interested in new home construction, turn to the professionals at R & J Custom Home Builders in Chillicothe, OH. They have been building new homes for over 25 years and value customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship. These new home builders communicate closely with their clients, stick to the budget, and always exceed customer expectations. For more information about their services, call (740)-703-9242 or visit their website.

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