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How to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Winter October 23, 2019

Columbus, Franklin
How to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Winter, Columbus, Ohio

As a business, you know just how important your parking lot is to your property. By keeping it in pristine condition, you can prevent trip-and-fall accidents and car damage, as well as make your storefront more inviting. To prevent the winter from wreaking havoc on this asphalt surface, use the following tips.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Winter

1. Handle Repairs

When the frigid temperatures arrive, they’ll do a number on your asphalt parking lot. The freeze-thaw cycle will cause the materials to repeatedly expand and contract, gradually worsening cracks and potholes. Therefore, it’s crucial to repair these flaws before the winter. Your paving contractor will need to inspect the gaps to see whether they can be filled in, or if your driveway needs resurfacing.

2. Sealcoat the Pavement

parking lotWhen contractors sealcoat your parking lot, they will cover it with a protective coating, which prevents the absorption of rain, melted snow, automotive fluids, and other substances. By making the surface nonporous, you can prevent the base layers from gradually weakening, preventing the formation of potholes. When the weather warms up, the sealcoating will also protect your pavement from fading in the strong rays of the sun.

3. Look for Drainage Issues

Before winter, keep an eye on your parking lot after it rains. If there are any areas where water is not draining properly—such as large puddles—it’s crucial to have the asphalt leveled out. Otherwise, the stagnant moisture will seep into the pavement, eroding the supportive base layers. When a blanket of snow is covering your parking lot, it will be much harder to tell where these depressions lie.


If you’re hoping to schedule asphalt repairs or maintenance services for your parking lot, turn to TTAD of Reynoldsburg, OH. They’ve been serving commercial clients since 2010, offering everything from painting to countertop installations. With their top-tier products and construction skills, you can trust they’ll meet your needs with tact and efficiency. To learn more about their offerings, visit the website or call (740) 927-1787 to make an appointment.

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