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A Guide to Pet Surgery Recovery October 23, 2019

Elyria, Lorain
A Guide to Pet Surgery Recovery, Elyria, Ohio

Surgery of any kind can be traumatic for your pet. If nothing else, your furry friend may feel exceptionally tired after undergoing a procedure at your local animal hospital. Take note of these basic do’s and don’ts to help your beloved pet recover appropriately so that they can get back on their feet as soon as possible.

How to Care for Your Pet Post-Surgery


Ask the right questions.

Before you leave the animal hospital, make sure that you ask your veterinarian about the specifics of your pet’s post-operative care. Some may require consistent bed rest, while others might benefit from regular exercise. You may also be asked to monitor their urination habits, and you’ll need to ensure that they receive the proper dosage of medication at the right times. Take detailed notes so that you can follow the guidelines precisely.

Ease into movement slowly.

Elyria, OH animal hospitalEven if your veterinarian approves gentle exercise or movement, ease into the process slowly so that your pet doesn’t risk getting injured. For example, it may be appropriate to take your pet outside every couple of hours so that they can urinate. While it will likely be tough for them to sit still as the anesthesia wears away, it’s essential to keep your pet’s activities to a minimum during recovery. Jumping, running, and other vigorous movements could aggravate any discomfort they may feel.


Forget about dietary needs.

Your pet will require extra hydration after returning from the animal hospital. A bit of nausea is not unusual, so you will also need to watch what you feed them. Bland foods are typically best, although your veterinarian will have specific suggestions based on the procedure. Avoid leaving the room when your pet is eating or drinking following surgery. If they are groggy, they could injure themselves if their head falls into the dish.  

Expose them to others.

Although it’s natural for loved ones to spend quality time with pets in recovery, it’s best to limit visits during the first day or two. This allows your pet to return to normal at their own speed. If they’re too tired or disoriented, they may not act like their usual selves. Steer clear of bringing children or other pets into the home during this time, as recovery can make them aggressive or unfriendly.

Pet owners throughout Lorain County, OH, trust in the veterinarians at Elyria Animal Hospital. They treat your furry friends as their own, and they’re committed to being there every step of the way when your beloved friend needs medical attention. Visit this animal hospital online to find out more about their services, including pet laser therapy, pet grooming, and boarding. You can also call (440) 365-3818 to schedule an appointment today.

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