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Why Do My Streaming Videos Keep Buffering? December 15, 2019

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Why Do My Streaming Videos Keep Buffering?, Pine Grove, California

It can be frustrating to be in the middle of an informative or entertaining video only for it to continuously stop to buffer. While you might think this has something to do with your computer’s graphics card or processor, the issue may stem from the bandwidth speed you agreed to with your chosen internet provider. This guide will explain what buffering is and how you can avoid it in the future.

What Causes Videos to Buffer?

The most common reason for video buffering is low internet speed. When deciding on the right package and internet provider, it’s best to know exactly how much upload and download speed you require. A household with four people will need more bandwidth to handle everyone’s devices than a single-person home. 

Internet speed is not only divided among users and devices, but it’s also decreased when passing through a Wi-Fi router. Bandwidth will decrease the further away a device is from the router, as it will have to travel through walls and other signal-blocking obstructions. A 200 Mbps speed can easily be decreased to 30 Mbps when streaming from your phone 15 feet away from the router. 

How Can I Avoid Buffering?

Tinternet providerhe bare minimum download speed for streaming is 10 Mbps. This speed might not produce high-definition video quality, but you shouldn’t experience buffering. For better results, consider talking to your internet provider about upgrading to at least 25 Mbps. Increase this amount for every person living in your home and the number of Wi-Fi-connected devices in use.

When possible, directly connect your streaming device to the modem via an Ethernet cable. However, for phones, tablets, and streaming media adapters, this might not be possible, so keep them within 15 feet of the router for ideal streaming quality. Finally, reset the router at least once a week to clear volatile memory and ensure the network connection is synced.



If you need better internet speed options, turn to Volcano Communications Group. For over a century, this phone, cable, and internet provider has met the communication technology needs for Pine Grove, CA, and surrounding communities. Their high-speed internet packages offer bandwidths up to 100 Mbps. View internet access pricing and bundle options on their website and call (209) 296-7502 to schedule an appointment. 

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