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Supporting a Loved One With Dementia November 1, 2019

Downtown Henderson, Henderson
Supporting a Loved One With Dementia, Henderson, Kentucky

Dementia is a progressive mental illness that robs people of their ability to think clearly and recall memories, which is why it can be especially frustrating for caregivers. Fortunately, by focusing on doing the right things, you can avoid exhaustion and overwork while helping your loved one live a more secure and comfortable life. Here are a few ways to support a senior with dementia.

3 Tips for Supporting a Loved One With Dementia

1. Create Stable Routines

When a person struggles with memory recall, completing new tasks or going to new places can be incredibly stressful. To prevent anxiety, try to create stable routines. Maintain consistency in their daily schedule. If they usually wake at 7 a.m., don’t let them sleep in until 9. If you post a schedule of activities for the week in the kitchen, everyone who provides care will know expectations. 

2. Schedule Appropriate Help

caregiverConsider hiring a home caregiver to help your loved one around the house and give you intervals of rest. Talk with your home care team about your loved one’s preferences and needs. As new needs arise, update the schedule of activities to accommodate them. 

3. Be Positive

It can be discouraging and stressful caring for someone with dementia since they may not remember names or how to comb their hair. From moment to moment, they may not recognize you or be able to speak. To protect yourself from discouragement, focus on being as positive and lighthearted as possible.


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