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How Often Do You Need Oil Changes? October 22, 2019

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How Often Do You Need Oil Changes?, East Franklin, Pennsylvania

Conventional wisdom says that getting an oil change every three months or 3000 miles will prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your engine. However, many factors can change that time frame. You may be able to go up to 7,500 miles or more between oil changes, depending on how your driving conditions. Below are some of the factors that influence how often you should get your oil changed.

4 Factors Affecting Your Oil Change Schedule

1. How You Drive

Stop-and-go city traffic is harder on your engine than long stretches of highway driving. If you spend most of your time on surface streets, you’ll probably need oil changes more often than if you drove the same distance on the open road.

2. The Type of Vehicle You Drive

oil changesEvery vehicle manufacturer has a recommended oil change schedule, so looking at the owner’s manual is a helpful start. Generally, large sedans and SUVs tend to require fresh oil less frequently than coupes and compact cars.

3. The Quality of Oil You Use

Synthetic lubricants tend to last significantly longer than natural oil, but not every vehicle can use them. Even if your manufacturer suggests a specific grade of oil, using the highest-quality product that works with your engine will let you go longer between oil changes.

4. The Weather

While you don’t need to use different types of oils depending on the season, the engine will run hotter in warm weather. This puts extra pressure on the oil, so you might need to schedule more frequent changes if you live in a hot climate.

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